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Stylepoint is a wholesaler of everything related to table settings and buffet presentations. They supply their products to a vast network of distributors, both nationally and internationally. This includes items such as tableware, glassware, buffet systems, and table presentation articles. With over 2500 products in their assortment, they serve customers from various levels of the hospitality industry in over 35 different countries.

Gerald Loohuis, Director of Operations at Stylepoint, explains why they reached out to Nimar Storage Solutions: “We had an new warehouse to set up in Utrecht that needed shelving. We were looking for advice regarding weights and dimensions on one hand, and routing on the other. We had already filled in the routing quickly ourselves, but the advice from the Nimar experts was desirable. Additionally, this project involved creating a warehouse within a warehouse, including the complete production of partitions, emergency exits, and access doors.”

“We were looking for a company that could provide us with the necessary materials in a small timeframe,” Gerald continues. “That was certainly the case for Nimar Storage Solutions, partly because they have their own production center. They are a flexible company with an established track record. We knew we were in good hands.”

According to Gerald, the process of this project went smoothly: “After making an appointment with Eddy van Sas, they visited our office to discuss our requirements. Through control measurements, they ensured that we wouldn’t encounter any surprises during the process. The entire process went well, and they were always easily reachable. We received timely feedback, which allowed us to progress quickly.”


“We were very pleased with the speed of the project, which enabled us to start using the shelves that were ready and approved during the construction phase. This allowed us to bring the first inventory batches to the warehouse, which was beneficial as we wanted to minimize the closure time of the warehouse and be able to cater to our customers as quickly as possible.”

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June 12, 2023



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