Shuttle system

Do you have a warehouse with mostly the same products? Do you have a large storage density in your warehouse and bulk goods? If so, a pallet shuttle system is the ideal solution.

Just as with drive-in racking, the pallet shuttle system consists of various aisles. One specific type of product is stored in each aisle. With the shuttle system, you can apply both FI-FO (first in, first out) and LI-FO (last in, first out).

The big difference with drive-in racking is the electrically-powered shuttle. After the pallet has been placed in the relevant aisle, the shuttle automatically takes it to the right place. With a shuttle system, you don’t actually have to drive into the aisle. The advantage? You have more freedom in placing the pallets with a shuttle system and it’s easy to create longer aisles.


The forklift driver unloads the shuttle in the right aisle. Using the remote control, the driver gives the shuttle a command. The shuttle picks up the pallet takes it to the dropping point. Using the forklift, you remove the pallet from the aisle.

While the forklift driver takes the pallet to the next station, the shuttle collects the next pallet. Back at the aisle, the driver can immediately remove the pallet from the aisle.

With a shuttle system, you create extensive storage density, save time and work extremely efficiently

Safety of shuttle systems

Naturally, we find safety extremely important. Optimise your employees’ safety and limit potential damage to the construction as much as possible.

The shuttle system consists of a compact construction and repairing damage is quite expensive. With vehicle impact protection, which you place in front of the uprights, it’s easy to prevent the forklift driving into the uprights when putting down the shuttle. The vehicle impact protection ensures that the truck is stopped on time.

If you have any questions about shuttle systems, safety and vehicle impact protection, let the experts at Nimar Storage Solutions bv help and fully fit vehicle impact protection to the equipment you use.

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